Rounding out the Week

Good Friday morning to y’all!  


It should come as no surprise that I’m back linking up with AprilDarciNatasha, and Christina for today’s Five on Friday.  Let’s be honest, it is always nice to have some consistency in life 🙂


Screen shot 2014-01-17 at 7.42.49 AM

kind of participated in the Real Simple #rsgetreal challenge this week.  I say that because, well, I even slacked off with that.  Either that or I had the perfect example to represent a day’s challenge and I would find it gone, taken care of, put away thanks to my husband.  It’s hard to say if I was happy about it or not 🙂  I did, however, appreciate seeing everyone else’s real life captured- and to my fellow type A newlywed wife struggling to always get it right I say, “we’re not the only ones!”.

Two- Did you guys see Downton Abbey this week?! {POTENTIAL SPOILER ALERT} Because I… I just can’t.  Ball my eyes out for poor Anna.  You guys, it seriously just broke my heart.  And then I tried to talk about it with Matt and I got the usual look, “can we talk about what happened in real life?”.  Shoot.

 Three- Matt’s birthday was on Wednesday and I so appreciate everyone joining with me to wish him a happy one!  I have always been of the opinion that it doesn’t matter stranger or friend, it feels special being wished a happy birthday by someone on your sweet day- and you guys delivered.  I passed on the sweet messages to him and we enjoyed a delicious dinner at home topped off with the secret family recipe for red velvet cake- his birthday fave.  

photo 1

Four- My birthday is TOMORROW!!  Needless to say, I am super excited!  I have to work [and will sadly be missing a sweet friend’s wedding- best wishes, you guys!] but we are headed to dinner as soon as I get off.  We will be returning to the Rx Restaurant you read about here and I cannot wait!  Rest assured I will have something to report about the food situation and I trust it’ll be nothing but positive.  Cheers to 26!

Five- In regards to number 4- a few birthday presents have found their way in my mailbox this week.  The sweet cards and gifts have made my week!  Then I got THIS!  

Screen shot 2014-01-17 at 7.45.58 AM

I know it’s already halfway through the month but close enough- you might remember this from my gift guide for Christmas.  Thank goodness my sister shares my love for Rifle Paper Co!  I can’t wait for this to find it’s place in our home!

I hope your weekend is full of adventure and rest all at the same time!  Happy Friday!!

xoxo, heather


Stocking Stuffers!


Here I am again with another edition of my favorite things this year- this time with some stocking-stuffer appropriate gifts.

Screen shot 2013-11-26 at 8.47.25 AM{1} Garden & Gun’s The Southerner’s Handbook:  I died when this became available.  I cannot express just how excited I am when my new issue of G&G arrives every 2 months, so I was swooning over this handbook.  It’s both ridiculous and amazing at the same time.  

{2} Gold Tassel Necklace: BrinaBox has this on major sale.  I would never be able to get it at its original price, but can you beat this sale?  This would be a wonderful addition to my growing collection of necklaces.  And these tassel necklaces just about go with everything.

{3} Leopard Scarf: Again with BrinaBox.  Leopard is my favorite neutral of the season, but surprisingly, I’m still without a scarf in this print.  Granted, I have amassed more scarves over the years than any sane person should, but recently I’ve been trying to scale down and this one would [just like the necklace above] go with so much in my closet!

{4} Annual Christmas PJs:  From my beloved Target, I can’t wait to get cozy in some new Christmas PJs.

{5} Rifle Paper Co TYs: Gold Gold Gold.  It’s always appropriate to write thank yous.  No matter what.  These are super chic and can be used for any occasion.  Rifle Paper Co does it again.  Can you tell I have a stationery obsession?!

{6} Gold Starbucks Sleeve: It’s a special treat these days to enjoy some Starbucks coffee drinks, and this sleeve would make it even more sweet.  I could even use it with my homemade coffee drinks at work just to jazz it up a bit.

{7} Starbucks Gift Card: a duh.

What are some of your ideas for stuffers?  Join us today!  And thanks again to Cheers Y’all and Down with the Dearmore’s for hosting!!

xoxo, heather

A Few of my Favorite Things


I know it’s pretty late, but this girl just finished a 12 hour shift and a trip to the gym with my man crush.  

Tonight I’m joining Cheers Y’all and Down with the Dearmore’s to feature our wishlists.  So without further ado, these are a few of my favorite things!

Screen shot 2013-11-19 at 11.23.06 PM

<1> KJP. I’m always a fan of American-made and these bracelets are stylish, too.  Made in New England, Kiel James Patrick’s pieces are both creative and charming and there are a variety from which to choose.

<2> Rifle Paper Co.  Need I say more?  I love all things paper and this company has the most amazing designs.  I have some of their notecards framed around our house, I love them so much.

<3> These boots!!  Their on huge sale right now at Macy’s, plus go through Ebates and get cash back- cha-ching!  I’ve gone without black boots for a couple years now and I think it’s about time I add to these to my closet.

<4> Love Does.  I’ve heard so much about this book and am about ready to dive into reading again in my spare time.  I’m ready to find out just what love does.  Join me?

 <5> Blue House Paperie. I cannot rave enough about this new etsy shop.  One of my sweet college friends is showing off her artsy abilities.  She can do custom orders based off pictures of your own home or make cute notecards and prints.  Don’t waste any time getting your order in before the holidays!

<6> Mia 2.  I guess maybe I’m late to jump on this train, but I’m so wishing for one of these.  The thing I like about the concept of this beauty product is it’s not about putting something else on to cover up what’s there, but rather about getting down to the bare look; taking care of what you’ve got.  Yes, please.

<7> Brittany Fuson Planner.  I love fashion.  I love art.  I love planning.  I’m OCD.  Can I get an amen?  Stocking Stuffer, please, babe?!  Enough said!

Sorry for being so late with this one, join us next week for another edition!  Anything you’re hoping to get this year?

xoxo, heather

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