Coast to Coast: a small world

Rewind back to May 2008.  You will find a shy, naive, Southern college sophomore joining her Northern college peers [strangers] to go on mission in Rome, Italy with an organization called Campus Crusade.  Let’s get one thing straight- going on this trip was not how I normally did things.  I had n e v e r flown.  I hardly ever did anything major unless I knew one person there.  

Going to Rome that summer was a huge leap of faith for me.  Little did I know how I would be tested, challenged, and grown during those 5 weeks.  My trip began in Chicago where I would meet the rest of my team comprised of college students from the Great Lakes Region [minus my one lone Southern sweetie, Court!].  Hello, culture shock.  I’m talking no sweet tea and a bunch of people who informed me I could just put my own packet of sweetener in my own glass of tea.  I knew I was in for a ride.

rome 1 rome 2 rome4 rome5 rome6

Five weeks came and went and I returned to the United States with something like 18 new friends; the kind of people who knew what it looked like to live out their faith, who valued honesty above flattery, and who I could meet again one day down the road and reconnect with seamlessly.

Insert Nina- the author of Flowers in my Hair.  We had not really caught up since globetrotting back in 2008.  The blog world reunited us, virtually, at least and I have so enjoyed getting to know her better- probably better than I ever knew her before.  Only now she lives on the other side of the country, literally.  We have toyed with the idea of hugging each other’s necks in person some time this year. But until then, we’ve come up with a fun link up, one I hope you will get a lot out of, too.


Remember those resolutions we made just a few short weeks ago?  Remember those words we promised to focus on throughout 2014?  What if we revisited them once a month to discuss our progress, which ones we’ve abandoned and some we’ve recently adopted?  

I know we might be admitting our failures in an open forum, but also we’ll have the opportunity to celebrate our successes!  I mean, honesty and accountability never hurt anyone, right?  And how great will it feel to end 2014 knowing we kept our promises to ourselves and anyone else included?  Who’s with us?!!

Beginning next Tuesday, January 28th, hop over to Flowers in my Hair or back here to link your post.  We’ll host the last Tuesday of each month for all of 2014, so there will be plenty of opportunities to revisit your resolutions.  I know I could use a time of reflection each month in the midst of the hustle and bustle of this beautiful life!

Looking forward to cheering you on for 2014!  

ps- thank you x a million to Jessica over here for the beautiful button!  Her designs here are so fabulous, plus she’s my sister so I think she’s pretty awesome!!

xoxo, heather


We interrupt the regularly scheduled programming…


…I’m still linking up today with the sweet ladies of Five on Friday (April, Darci, Natasha, and Christina) but I have been struggling to come up with my five.  

Don’t get me wrong- there’s plenty to look forward to and plenty to be thankful for- but my mind is reeling at what seems like a mile a minute.  And for a girl with NO speed, I would say that’s mighty fast.  Jotting down and publishing my New Year’s Resolutions yesterday has got me examining how I’d like this year to turn out.  


Admittedly, this is likely due in part to my propensity to try to plan, plan, plan and take the reigns on everything.  And my list of 5 main resolutions is slowly but surely budding into lots of smaller thoughts and ideas.  While I would like to avoid overreaching and setting myself up for failure, I truly think a lot of these ideas can be accomplished within a month’s time and can serve as little milestones to ultimately help me accomplish my 5 mains.  

I know I’m being super vague for now, but I will share in due time.  Just think along the lines of changes around these parts (the blog), motivational/accountability tools, and plenty of inspiration.  

Here’s to 2014!  Can I just repeat this chorus for the whole month?  Or year?!

new year{source}

Although I am breaking the rules a bit, I would love to know your 5 for this week.  (I got the number 5 in there a couple of times, so it counts, right?)

Join us!

xoxo, heather

Cheers to 2014

It’s already 2014.  

This has really crept up on me this year.  I put so much into celebrating the Christmas season and planning our time with family following the holiday that I’ve hardly thought about my resolutions.  In fact, I couldn’t tell you what mine were this last year.  Shoot.  

In 2012, Matt and I wrote down a list of goals in January and you know what?  We accomplished (by the Lord’s grace only) every single one of them. What?!  Does that really happen?  Well it did.  2013 saw a gradual end come to my daily journaling.  Again, I couldn’t tell you why exactly.. maybe just because I refused to wake up in time to do it in the morning.  This is why I can’t tell you my most recent resolutions.  There was nothing done to keep track of them.  That makes me sad.

Lecrae, one of my favorite music artists, made a solid point on social media yesterday.  While we may use the turn of the new year to give a clean slate, God allows us to wake up with the same every day.  So in case I (we) fold on these goals/ resolutions early- let’s remember we can always start over tomorrow.

So without further ado, my list of goals for 2014:

1. Journaling/ Bible Study:  Restart.  Journaling is less of a ritual for me and more of a way for me to get my thoughts out.  In regard to its relationship with the Word, it allows me to digest the wealth of information on paper, to make better sense of its intent and application.  I hope this will allow me to know myself better in God’s eyes and who I am today, in a fairly new role of being a wife, but still maintaining my identity.

2.  Being a better wife:  This sounds so generic, but I know what I mean.  There are ways I feel I’m excelling at this whole wifery stuff (is that a word?  because spell-check is saying no).  And then there are times I can feel the snowball of failure gaining speed and girth as it crashes down an endless mountain, with me right in the middle.  How’s that for some imagery?  Per my friend, Elise’s suggestion, I’ve downloaded the Wife After God devotional to hit the ground running.  Also, I got it on my kindle from Amazon for 99 cents.  <–no idea how that happened.

wife after god

3.  Working with intent:  It’s so easy to go to work and do the pharmacist thing and come home and be done with it.  But truly, this field takes so much continuing education to stay afloat with all the constant changes taking place.  Instead of completing CE to maintain my license, I’d love to make it a priority to complete them for the knowledge they afford.  And this also includes just loving people more while donning that white coat.  Sometimes all they need is a big hug and an ear to listen about their day.  

4.  Make Wilmington ours:  Matt and I both agree we could make more of an effort to explore this city; we could do more to create our community here.  Corporate worship hasn’t been so easy since getting jobs in the retail sector, but we have yet to really make a valiant effort in making this a priority.  This could involve becoming members of a local organization, volunteering locally, attending sponsored events, finally moving our church membership, etc.


5.  Hello, patience:  As I was moving our 7 foot Christmas tree outside by myself yesterday (Matt was at work and I was determined) and our sweet pup was doing everything in his power to get in the way, I realized I need more patience.  Yes, more thoughts/choice words occurred where that last comma is, but for all our sake, I have chosen to withhold any further details.  Really, I have grown just a little less patient in all areas of my life.  While this seems like it might be the simplest, I feel it will prove otherwise.  But here goes nothing!

What are your new year’s goals// resolutions?  Anything big planned for the new year?  

Join me in linking up with The Birdie Bowl and The Ledford Life to share yours!


xoxo, heather

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