First things first

This has been a long time coming- my blog, a way to document and remember my precious memories, an avenue for gathering my interests, for celebrating life’s victories.

I cannot wait.

My husband, Matt, initially expressed his hesitation.  Who doesn’t evaluate the pros and cons of becoming vulnerable to the interwebs?  I’ve witnessed both the positive and negative impact of such transparency, so if for nothing else but my enjoyment of writing- here goes.

What is the Port City Prescription?

Flashback to 2012. 

In a matter of a month, I earned a Doctorate of Pharmacy, accepted a full-time pharmacist position, and moved from the home I’d always known to a city hours away {alone}.  The idea of moving to a new city by myself was daunting for this generally naive, small town girl.  Not that Wilmington, NC is this huge bustling metropolis, but it’s certainly more of a melting pot of cultures compared to rural South Carolina.

In less than a year since, I’ve married my best friend and we’ve purchased our first home together.  Talk about a whirlwind.  Life has been so good, so very sweet.  I miss my family to pieces.  My best friends are scattered all over the country.  We’re still discovering this new, quirky city.  We’re slowly {but surely} growing our community here.  In all of life’s changes over the last year God has kept his promises.

The Port City Prescription was just what the ultimate doctor ordered, just what I needed to go out on my own, build my confidence, and make a home away from home with my love and our pup.  This adventure in life is just beginning for us and the ride gets faster every day- I hope to occasionally sit back and breathe it all in- and to always be thankful for all of life’s treasures.

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