The Wrong Side

It’s Monday.  And today- I woke up 

on the wrong side  of the bed.  We had a relaxing, fun weekend.  

I accomplished most everything on my to-do list.  We received another good

word of the Risk series at church yesterday.

By all accounts it should be a good day.  But when

I turned over this morning, I could just feel it.  My to-do list was already 

running in my head- as if it had been generated while I was 

still asleep.  That’s just not fair, right?

I sat in silence while eating breakfast, even though my 

husband was sitting next to me.  How could I already feel behind 

only 30 minutes into being awake?  I just needed grace.  When 

Matt asked what was wrong- that’s all I could say, “Today, I just need grace.”


And grace he gave.  I’m talking about tying my second shoe when

I was clearly having trouble with the first.  [Yes, he did that.  Yes, I’m a mess.]

Giving me a hug and an encouraging butt tap to send me on my way.  

He has gotten so good at it,

this whole grace thing.  Thank God I 

have a shining example right at home of 

the grace he extends to us with each new morning.  Or in my case, every 30 minutes

of some days.

bold grace

Ever had a day like this when you just needed grace?  How did the Lord renew your spirit?


ps.  Don’t forget to join our linkup tomorrow to revisit our resolutions!  I hope to see y’all there!  More info here.

xoxo, heather

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