This Guy

Can I just tell you a little about this guy?


Besides his obvious good looks, he is the best.  He has a servant’s heart of gold and works tirelessly to provide for and protect this family.  He makes me laugh- sometimes at him but mostly with him.  He drives me crazy to distract me from the running to-do lists in my head.  He loves so well.  He also fights so well- did you know that was possible?  I never could have imagined someone who could keep up with me in an argument all while diffusing the problem that got us there in the first place.  He celebrates the victories of others and encourages the best of everyone he encounters.  He inspires me to be more patient, more loving, more forgiving and gracious everyday.  


But today, especially, he causes me to be so thankful; so thankful for the gift he is in my life and in so many others.  Today is his birthday!  Won’t you join me in wishing him a great one?!


All photography by The Beautiful Mess 🙂

xoxo, heather

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