To DiY, or not to DiY

I have this love-hate relationship with DiY projects.  I love how simple and inexpensive they can be to do yourself and I love how many resources there are these days to give inspiration and how-to’s.  Then, I hate (maybe not that strongly) when I spend time taking on these projects and they come out looking like I did it myself instead of the alternative, like I bought it.

This internal struggle (it’s really not that dramatic) is why most of the walls in our new house are still blank.  Part of me knows I should not fill them all at once because our tastes in decor are still changing with every HGTV show we watch.  The other part, however, just feels stuck trying to sift through all the ideas and deciding which are really worth the trouble and in which we should just invest.

In comes Pinterest.



I have browsed and browsed for wall inspiration- be it pictures, canvases, structures, detailing, etc.  Some of my finds I can tackle on my own, others have led me to excellent vendors online that I would be happy to support.

pinterest 1

pinterest 2

FPM collage

Check out my pinterest {linked to the images} for more details of the projects if you’re interested.  Also, the bottom scripture canvases are from French Press Mornings, a blogger I began following recently.  She has an etsy shop and as you can see, her work is beautiful (and influenced by Rifle Paper Co, and I think it’s clear that I have a love affair with them already).  It’s going to be difficult to decide which I’d like to display since I can’t buy them all- but she also does Encouraging Wednesdays- when she provides a free 4×6 download of the featured print and 40% off that print in her shop for the week.  WIN WIN.

Any Pinterest DiY projects on your to-do list?  I’d love to hear about some of your successful or failed projects.  Share below!

xoxo, heather


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4 responses to “To DiY, or not to DiY

  1. LOVE French Press Mornings…I definitely have several of the free ones at my house!!! 🙂

  2. OMG! Jenny (the designer/owner of French Press Mornings) is the designer doing my blog right now! She’s done blog work for me in the past and is fantastic. Highly recommend anything she designs! xo

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