Five on Friday

I’m linking up with the lovely ladies of the Five on Friday again- I’ve missed the last few weeks and have really missed it!


Y’all!  Is it really Friday already?  While most of you are celebrating because today marks your last day of school/ work before Christmas or maybe just your last day of work before the weekend, I’ll be pulling one of those 12 hr shifts and strolling right into a weekend of work;)  Noticing a pattern?!  The great news is I still have joy in my heart; and this week has given me a full tank to run on for this stretch of work.

O N E.

That bring’s me to this week’s number 1.  Have you ever prayed and prayed and prayed and PRAYED for something to happen and then stopped?  Stopped because it’s exhausting and disappointing and maybe you’re just scared the answer will be ‘no’?  Well, Matt and I have been in our new city for a little over a year together.  While we’ve so enjoyed making it “our” place, we have struggled to make friends.  Now, don’t hear me say that we don’t have any– because the friends we have made here are so dear to us and we could almost squeeze them so tight to not lose them.  We can acknowledge the great gifts from God they are.  But let’s be real, making friends as married adults [who work retail= funky schedules] is much more difficult than doing it in college.  No forced community here!  

So back to my original point- I’d pretty much stopped praying about it.  Because I certainly wanted the answer to be ‘yes’ and if it wasn’t, then I didn’t want to hear the ‘no’.  Matt and I both, really, were initially concerned when I began this blog, I’d be potentially shutting myself off from the community around us here in NC and opening up to this fictitious community on the web.  Until it’s not fictitious.  That’s right.  You guys are real people and I’ve seen what an online community can do.  And then the other day, I find myself meeting a sweet woman [read: complete stranger] for coffee.  In real life. Elise and her husband are very similar to Matt and me, but really she is just a normal, down-to-earth, breath-of-fresh-air person with whom I was able to sit and talk as though we’d been friends for years.  Praise the Lord!  

Praise the Lord for all our dear friends we’ve made- and are continuing to make.  Thank the Lord that He stays here with us and is continually working on our behalf even when we give up.  Huge win for the week, people!

T W O.

Obviously, it doesn’t compare to number ONE, but I recently stopped by the dollar section in Target.  BAD IDEA.  You guys?!  They had a ton of gold knick-knacks.  I know what you’re probably thinking- crap.  But it was a whole bunch of office notepads, journals, pens, pencils, stickers… <– right, I sound like a child.  Well, it made my day and I can’t wait to ring in the new year with my brand new gold office stuff [FOR A DOLLAR].photo (4)

T H R E E.

Yesterday marked one week until Christmas.  I am extra giddy about this year’s celebrations.  Matt and I will be doing our thing here on the 24th-25th and will be headed to SC following work on the 26th.  This will be the first time my whole family has been together since news of this [my sister] and I know it’s going to be extra sweet when we hug their necks.  We’ll make our way to Matt’s parents’ house and close out the weekend.  It will be quicker than I ever desire but so nice to be able to celebrate the birth of Jesus surrounded by our dearest.

Screen shot 2013-01-30 at 9.03.56 AM

F O U R.

Today’s date is 12/20.  Two days ago it was 12/18.  Speaking of 12/18 [like how I created my own segue there?], my birthday is 1/18; meaning, we are officially on the countdown.  Call me ridiculous, but I think everyone should celebrate their birthday for at least one week.  Then you have to count down for a month.  Am I alone in this?  Sweet Matt’s birthday is 1/15 so our weeks intersect- this means he generally gives in to whatever I plan… oops.  And since we hardly ever have our birthdays off from work, it’s totally necessary to celebrate on more than one day.  

Let’s just call it what it is, I’m doing a lot of justifying up there.  Moving on.

F I V E.

I linked up yesterday with some lovely ladies to bring you NYE outfit ideas.  I had a blast putting clothes together online- then again, I would be a personal shopper if it paid the bills.  We will be linking up for the next 2 weeks discussing party ideas and goals/wishes for the new year.  Check back for those posts and join us in the link-up!


Happy Friday, y’all!

xoxo, heather


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14 responses to “Five on Friday

  1. Oh how I adore you!! As if you couldn’t have made my week more…! Girl…and how did we not cover that I have been praying for the same thing!? And then stopped. But PRAISE HIM always. Look at his provision. He is always right on time!!! Mark and I share the same bday week too!!! In May! 🙂

    MERRY, MERRY and see you SOON, beautiful!!! xx

  2. Oh I adore Elise and you two getting to meet is so fabulous! If I wasn’t out of state I’d crash the next meet up! haha The blogging community is so wonderful and you almost forget- hey, I haven’t actually met these people!? Have a fabulous weekend and happy birthday countdown!

    • Heather B

      Isn’t it great?! We had a blast- it’d be so great to get a meet-up going here locally. Dreaming big!! And you could always take a trip to the beach, haha! Hope your weekend is lovely 🙂

  3. khalajohnson

    Girl, I’m RUNNING to Target to look at those gold findings of yours! You’re right, all I thought when I read that was “…crap…” SO JEALOUS you and the fabulous Miss Elise got to hang out! Where abouts in NC do you live?! Thank you for linking up with us yesterday! So excited for next week!!! xxoo

    • Heather B

      I am so excited to bust it out with the new year! My husband probably thinks I’m nuts 🙂 we live in wilmington, or right outside, I guess. Hope your Christmas is so special!

  4. I’m about to move to the East Coast so we can all hang out, girlfriend!!! Love you and miss you. Isn’t that weird? How now I miss you more than ever because I know your life? Like I want you to come to SF and take you to my favorite restaurants and then I want to come over and see your beautiful China and giggle and giggle and giggle? Elise seems sooo amazing (as are you, of course!!) and btw, major score in the dollar aisle.

    • Heather B

      Umm, yes please. I’ve been thinking I’d love to come to SF… and learn more about your life there. I love it! and you! But seriously, if it is ever within your means to come here.. PLEASE do. I have 2 beds between which you can choose. Start planning!

  5. I l.o.v.e. the dollar spot at Target! I may be stopping there after to work today to find the gold goodness…

    • Heather B

      I have to purposely avoid it at times because 100 things for $1= $100. And sometimes I forget that.. one of the only stores I walk in and go to the left first.

  6. I just left target and am kicking myself now! I need all of that gold in my life!!

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